About Me

I started Taekwondo in 1999, and I am extremely proud to currently hold a 5th degree black belt. I was part of corporate, working for a global company in charge of NAFTA manufacturing, thus traveled frequently within Canada, Chicago, Mexico and I found myself in situations where I didn’t feel safe.

Through Taekwondo and Marshal arts I learned self-defense.
On (2005) I made the decision to retire due to a major car accident, that left me with some major surgeries and years of rehabilitation. Taekwondo helped me gain back my strength.

I then decided it was time to open up my own studio and teach others the Taekwondo life style.
In order for me to be the best at my sport and teach others, I continue to reach for the next level and continually improve in this sport.

I am a Master, a member in good standing of Taekwondo Ontario and Taekwondo Canada.
I have taken required courses, including:

Dojang (Taekwondo Gym) Coach Certificate
Code of Ethic course thru Coaches.ca
First Aid
Skill Analyses
as well as a Police background check

My objective is to have companies recognize the value of self-defense and TyFit sessions and make this part of Health and Safety routine. These sessions will require many skills that can be taught and strengthened through practice. All ages, gender and sizes are encouraged to join.

There is minimum set up for sessions on site / or in my studio location.

Master Badri Ricciardelli,
Tyves Taekwondo
St. Davids (Niagara-On-The-Lake)
905 321 9938
[email protected]

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