Self-Defense Sessions

The purpose of the Self Defense course is to make it a natural reflex against a would-be assailant. When self-defense has been learned you have a skill for life, not just on the job. Consider mall parking lots and the dangers we hear about it.

Today’s work environment leaves many vulnerable to unwanted situations. Those at risk could include any assessment employees (i.e., Mpac), Real Estate agents, employees in the Service industry (cleaning employees in hotels/homes), Maintenance people (i.e., Enbridge, Reliance) or those traveling on business.

Small Investment of time and money in quality self-defense sessions can prevent major losses in the future.

  1. Self Defense training can prevent workplace violence
  2. Employees who are capable of protecting themselves are more confident, which directly affects their level of performance.
  3. The cost of dealing with a workplace violence and its after math is too high for Employer and the employee.
  4. Look after Company reputation and cost by by looking after after employees and their families well-being
  5. Martial Arts-based self-defense improves morale and teamwork.
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