The purpose of the Self Defense course is to make self-defense a natural reflex against a would-be assailant.

Today’s environment and job descriptions leave many employers and employees vulnerable to unwanted situations. Those at risk could include any assessment employees (i.e., Mpac), Real Estate agents, employees in the Service industry (cleaning employees in hotels/homes), Maintenance people (i.e., Enbridge, Reliance) or those traveling on business.

Yet when self-defense has been learned you have a skill for life, not just on the job. For example, consider shopping and the dangers we hear about in parking lots, where knowing how to defend oneself creates confidence and an increased sense of well-being.

Finally, a hurt person is an employed person who by being absent causes harm not only to herself but also to the company. That is why I urge employers to look after their employees and their families and ultimately the company itself.

All of this also applies to CEOs who travel extensively, as well as the families they leave behind. In other words, basically everyone can benefit from this training.

Participants are not going to learn Taekwondo or MMA, just how to defend themselves and get to safety.

I am hoping the companies would recognize the value of this art and what it has to offer and make this as part of Health and Safety routine. This is not a one-time session as there are many skills that can be taught and practice is needed. There is no age/ Gender or size limit.

There is minimum set up for training, easy to travel to locations /or have sessions at my studio

Master Badri Ricciardelli,
Tyves Taekwondo

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